Asia's #1 Herb for Natural Male Enhancement
Still Unknown by Most Men in the West

We're missing out BIG time on this herbal wonder.

Most people have never heard about this cryptic booster, meaning NOW is the best time to reap its benefits!

Monday 11 May 2020

By Alex Eriksson

Butea Superba is a shrub native to Thailand.

Also known as Red Kwao Krua, its root has been a staple component of Thai traditional medicine for as long as any local healer can remember.

Its primary use? Helping men reclaim and increase their virility.

In Asia, Butea Superba can be purchased in the form of soaps, shampoos, powders, liquid extracts, and all other sorts of products. In the West, it's hard to come by.

But hey, how does Butea work in the first place—and what exactly does it do?

Long story short, it boosts your male hormones (androgens)


Can You Imagine This Herb As the Ultimate Male Booster? 🚀

Studies suggest the active compounds in Butea Superba may boost virility and even increase strength


Although it has many potential health benefits, Butea Superba is primarily taken as a powerful male tonic.

You may think of it as a universal booster for your masculinity. Confidence, virility, power, hormonal balance, facial hair growth, muscle building—everything you typically see as a "man thing."

Another great thing is that, besides boosting male hormones, Butea Superba has also been suggested in research to have anti-estrogen properties. 

This may be especially important for men with excess weight and over 30 years of age, since studies suggests many of them may have symptoms of estrogen dominance.

But before we tell you more about the scientific potential of Butea Superba and what you may expect from it, here's something you really don't want to miss...



Sweet, now back to the topic.

In Asian countries like Thailand, every man knows about Butea Superba. Even cosmetic products like soaps and shampoos with the plant's extract are sold all around, drawing from its reputation as an anti-aging remedy.

Pure herbal products like powders and extracts are harder to come by, but they're still fairly common.

However, in the Western world, Butea Superba is just making its debut.

And that's awesome, because recent research studies have showed that Butea Superba indeed packs several active compounds with potentially powerful health benefits for men.

Let's dig into the details.


Can Butea Superba Really Turn Men Into Superhumans?

Becoming more than human may be possible.
(With the right booster.)


Research on Butea Superba suggests it may:

- Boost the production of male hormones† (1)
- Promote virility by supporting male hormones† (1, 4)
- Support muscle growth and recovery† (2)
- Improve fertility by supporting sperm count and motility† (3)
- Help reduce unhealthy estrogen levels† (5)


Basically, it’s a compound that makes you superhuman—well, just a little bit.

You may have higher hormone levels, stronger muscle and blood flow, as well as your hormonal health in general is on the right track.†

The best part?

This universal performance booster is largely unknown to the general public. In other words, everyone who's taking it might have the upper hand over their competition.

Better at the gym, work, bed, in life. That's what Butea Superba is about.

The only problem?

Well, it's somewhat rare, so coming across genuine high-quality Butea Superba might be the real quest.


Good News: Butea Superba Isn't the Only Natural Booster Around

We’ve found at least 4 more epic compounds that are amazing for men’s hormonal health, physical performance, and blood flow (you know why that’s important, right? 😉)

The best part: most men have NO IDEA of these amazing boosters, so you could be way ahead of your competition if you put this knowledge to good use.

So, are you ready to rock?

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