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Users of CocoForce often report:

  • Increased physical and mental endurance
  • Improved blood flow and circulatory health
  • Increased erection hardness, duration, and frequency
  • Improved mood and reductions in perceived stress
  • Enhanced "pump"

Adequate blood flow is undoubtedly one of the most important determinants of good health, yet many people take it entirely for granted. 

Whether you’re looking for athletic performance, better health or a little male enhancement, there is a benefit for everyone in improving blood flow and endothelial function.
    Let us introduce you to our product CocoForce, a revolutionary all natural vasogenic supplement that can significantly improve the quality of your life on several fronts.

    What Is CocoForce?

    CocoForce is quite likely the future of vasogenic supplementation. Sure, many nitric oxide-based supplements are available on the market, but CocoForce doesn’t rely on a single one-trick pony.

    CocoForce (if you did not catch it on the name already) utilizes high potency cocoa flavonols as its primary ingredient, an extract which may soon revolutionize the fields of health and fitness.

    Why You Want to Improve Your Blood Flow

    We all have different goals and what good health means to us. For example, to an athlete, it can mean something entirely different from what it would mean to the average man looking to enhance his virility.

    No matter what benefits you're after, CocoForce has something in store for you:

    • For Athletic Performance: Improved blood flow promotes delivery of nutrients to muscle cells at times that count. For example, peri-workout nutrition is extremely important when training for muscle growth or strength gains, but could be compromised by iffy blood supply. Plus, improving your blood flow enhances the delivery of oxygen to working cells during exercise along with the enhanced removal of lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which further translates to better buffering of fatigue. Expect increased athletic performance on all fronts.

    • For Male Enhancement: Better blood flow translates to stronger erections, which is something no man in their right mind would turn down. Given, blood flow issues do tend to manifest themselves during middle age, but obesity and poor lifestyle choices may hasten the deterioration of a man’s “potency”. A simple way to remedy this most of the time? Invest in an all-natural supplement that promotes blood flow such as CocoForce. Our product also contains many carefully selected ingredients that have additional benefits for male sexual health specifically.

    • General Health & Anti-Aging: We get it, you don’t have a specific need, but instead are focused on holistic health. Improving your blood flow will do that as well, not only does it decrease your risk of high blood pressure, but also minimizes stroke risk and prevent diseases such as varicose veins and deep blood vessel clots. Blood also carries all the nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy and moist, so improving circulation directly translates to more youthful skin and hair as well.

    The “Sweetest” Victory You Can Ask For, Cocoa Flavonols

    You may fleetingly have heard that chocolate is good for you. Maybe you even went to the supermarket and picked up a generous serving of milk chocolate, telling yourself you're doing your body good. But stop right there...

    Not all chocolate qualifies as having a sufficiently high cocoa flavonol content. In fact, dark chocolate (minimum 70%) is the only type of chocolate that qualifies, as much of the flavanols are stripped or destroyed during manufacturing of milk chocolate.

    Most of Cocoa’s Benefits Are Attributed to Epicatechin

    Epicatechin is the primary flavonol in the cacao bean that helps deliver the unbelievable effects we are about to discuss.

    The more processing chocolate undergoes, the more of it's Epicatechin is removed and often replaced with sugar or other additives.

    While sugar might taste great, Epicatechin is better, let us show us what it can help you with:

    Epicatechin Is Scientifically Proven to Improve Blood Flow in Two Ways

    While there are plenty of supplements that work to improve blood flow, Epicatechin from cocoa works in a unique way. 

    For example, some people are nonresponders to medication that dilate blood vessels but do not understand why. It all boils down to vascular tone and stiffness.

    There may be changes that have occurred in the health of the blood vessels that don't allow them to dilate as much as they would normally do.

    However, Epicatechin can break through this wall. A study found that cocoa consumption was able to increase the diameter of the blood vessels significantly, and in turn, also increase the volume of blood circulated by a staggering 22%.

    Plus, this was in overweight subjects, those with worse vascular tone and stiffness than most, clearly demonstrating the powers that Epicatechin has on blood flow.

    But that’s not all since cocoa flavonols can also exert nitric oxide-dependent vasodilation. Studies have also found that after just 4 days of consumption, there was a marked increase in vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels.

    When consumed along with standard medication to treat ischemia, there was marked relief of symptoms compared to the group only receiving the medication.

    Cocoa Flavonols Helps Offset The Negative Effects of Chronic Stress

    The adverse effects of stress have a way of permeating through the many layers of your body, some which you are not even likely to make an association. Your circulation is one of these. 

    The stress hormone Cortisol is similar to other corticosteroids in that it causes blood vessel constriction and fluid retention.

    These effects are not ideal for the well-being of your circulatory system, as it is then forced to pump larger volumes of blood under higher pressure (smaller vessel diameter), essentially resulting in high blood pressure in the long term.

    Seeing how many of us do suffer from chronic oversecretion of the stress hormone cortisol, it’s not if, but when adverse effects will set in.

    Luckily, cocoa flavonols can help and has been scientifically shown to preserve cortisol secretion for times when we need it, and prevent cortisol resistance from excessive oversecretion (similar to what occurs in type 2 diabetics). All in all, this translates to reducing the effects of chronic stress.

    Pomegranate Extract

    The superpower that is Pomegranate is way underrated. In fact, Pomegranate is often regarded as the number one food for natural vasodilation and improving male sexual health.

    Pomegranate is a super potent source of anti-oxidants, possessing amongst the top tier level of these compounds in all of the plant kingdom. But that’s just skimming the surface.

    Popular erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis work by inhibiting the breakdown of nitric oxide. While not as powerful as the drugs, Pomegranate works similarly.

    Pomegranates can upregulate the enzymes that are responsible for nitric oxide synthesis (known as eNOS) leading to a significant increase in circulating levels of nitric oxide.

    Plus, it also slows down the degradation of this biological molecule, meaning that it can elicit its benefits on circulation for longer periods of time.

    In fact, there is even scientific research done on the use of Pomegranate to treat erectile dysfunction.

    To top it off, Pomegranate also improves the flexibility of the endothelium (blood vessel inner walls) and contains dietary nitrates, compounds which are directly converted into nitric oxide.

    CocoForce contains a full spectrum freeze-dried extract of Pomegranate juice which brings you all the benefits Pomegranate has to offer.

    This also includes its ellagic acid content which can inhibit aromatase and essentially help increase testosterone and lower estrogen

    All in all, Cocoa flavanols and Pomegranate extract is a very powerful combination for improving blood flow.

    Cistanche Extract

    This is the stuff of legend, rumored to have been consumed daily by The Great Conqueror Genghis Khan.

    According to the legend: "his army was trapped and demoralized, facing an imminent defeat. But then white horses came down from the heavens, upon which his army slit their throats. It is then said that where their blood fell, Cistanche sprang from the ground, only to be consumed and restoring the strength and vitality of the whole army."

    His army was victorious, and it was believed from that day on the legendary Khan of Khans choose to consume Cistanche daily.

    Today, Cistanche is renowned for its blood flow enhancing properties, along with potent adaptogenic traits, especially in regards to improving sexual performance.

    Cistanche has been shown in research to significantly reduce erection latency and increase erection duration, along with increasing the levels of youth hormones testosterone and progesterone.

    No wonder that as much as 8% of all the people of Asia is said to possess genetic traits of the warlord Genghis Khan, thanks to Cistanche’s virility enhancing traits.

    Horse Chestnut Extract

    Horse Chestnut is a unique ingredient, in the sense that it helps improve venous tone, which refers to the blood vessels moving blood back to the heart.

    While most other supplements focus on enhancing vasodilation, Horse Chestnut Extract ensures that blood flow to the lower extremities is returned to the heart on time

    Vasodilation is useful, but in persons with venous insufficiencies, such as those with varicose veins, it may still be a difficult task circulating the blood.

    By including Horse Chestnut Extract in CocoForce, we ensure that improved circulation happens on all fronts, even if you are having issues with things such as varicose veins.

    Why CocoForce Is the One for You

    CocoForce is different from the typical nitric oxide boosting supplements you see on the market.

    For example, the product contains none of the popular ingredients L-Arginine or L-Citrulline but still results in massive improvements in blood flow, or “pumps” if you are familiar with the bodybuilding term

    Rather, CocoForce uses extracts from whole foods that are both healthy to consume longterm, as well as chock-full of phytochemicals and micronutrients, which leave you poised to benefit from your new-found circulation once again.

    Whether you want it for improving blood flow to working muscles during exercise, for improving your overall health as you age, or for some male enhancement, CocoForce will do the job.

    How to Use

    Our product contains 307g of formula which translates to 30 days worth of servings. Best consumed in-between meals on an empty stomach.

    Since CocoForce is partly derived from chocolate, it has a pleasant taste and can easily be mixed and consumed with anything such as milk, coffee and in protein shakes and smoothies.

    CocoForce is made from whole food extracts which are entirely free of side effects and can be safely consumed by anyone! Allow at least 2 weeks for beneficial effects to be noticed.

    We believe in our products and have seen them change the lives of the many who use them. If you are not happy with the product you can return it to us and we will refund you for your whole purchase, no strings attached.

    Thanks for reading and we hope you consider trying CocoForce today!



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