Velvet Bean

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Wednesday 20 July 2022

By Alex Eriksson

Mucuna Pruriens, popularly called velvet bean, is an established Ayurvedic herbal medicine that is widely used as an alternative treatment for chronic nervous disorders, low testosterone for men, and other male infertility issues. 1

Over the years, this climbing legume has managed to uphold its reputation as one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world.

Velvet beans thrive best in the tropical regions of the world like India, Southern China, and Africa. They are rich sources of L-dopa or levodopa, which is a key element in treating Parkinson’s disease. The beans stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain – a neurotransmitter responsible for better memory, motivation, and wellbeing. They also help lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in a man’s body.

Today, velvet beans are widely used as an alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease, hyperlipidemia, and sexual dysfunction. With various researches and scientific studies continually pointing out the excellent medicinal benefits of mucuna pruriens, all parts of the herb are now being utilized.

While all these discoveries about the velvet bean could pave the way to a more promising future in the medical field, it is best to know and study more about this wonder legume.

Keep reading for more intriguing yet substantial information about the velvet bean and its benefits to men’s sexual health.


Velvet Bean

Studies suggest that active compounds in velvet bean can help treat Parkinson's disease... But that's not all.†

Because let's face it, no one would cross half the globe after some rare plant only for the control of cortisol. Pfft. Men need a more tangible reward for that kind of quest.

The Benefits of Velvet Bean on Men’s Health

The ability of mucuna pruriens to treat a variety of sexual disorders in men is distinctly exceptional. Research shows that this wonder legume contains compounds, antioxidants, and libido-stimulating nutrients that can help improve a gentleman’s sexual performance in bed.

Mucuna pruriens is believed to increase testosterone and sperm counts, improve circulation to the male reproductive organs, and strengthen the male sex glands. Velvet beans contain high levels of L-dopa, a dopamine-converting amino acid essential for brain health and development. 2 High levels of dopamine in the brain can increase a man’s sexual drive, regain erectile strength, and improve ejaculation. Furthermore, this also helps boost testosterone production in the body.

To better understand the beneficial effects of mucusa pruriens on a man’s sexual health, please continue reading:

  • Increased testosterone levels. The production of testosterone or male sex hormone is enhanced by consuming fenugreek regularly. The compounds furostanolic saponins in fenugreek block the enzymes that break down and reduce the production of testosterone. An increased level of furostanolic saponins in the body means better testosterone production. 1
  • Treats male infertility. In Ayurveda and traditional medicine, mucuna pruriens has long been used as a natural remedy for male infertility issues. The wonder legume improves male fertility by its significant action on the important parts of the brain. Velvet beans also help improve sperm quality and boost sperm motility. 3 4
  • Increases testosterone levels. According to this extensive study, mucuna pruriens can help increase a man’s testosterone by reducing his stress levels. Healthier, more viable testosterone in the body are readily available in a stress-free environment. 5
  • Reducing cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects the sperm quality of a man. Frequent stress can result in increased cortisol in the body which often causes inflammation, chronic diseases, and fertility problems. 6
  • Acts as a sexual booster. Velvet beans act as an excellent sexual enhancer and prophylactic operator in men with low sperm counts and decreased libido. 7
  • Treats erectile dysfunction. Since these beans are rich sources of L-Dopa and dopamine, they inhibit the production of prolactin, a hormone responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. 8

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Important Considerations before Taking Mucuna Pruriens

Generally, velvet beans are an organic, safe, and efficient herbal drug that can treat various illnesses in humans. However, be mindful of the following mild, tolerable side effects that typically do not require immediate medical attention:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • difficulty sleeping at night (rare)
  • slight abdominal discomfort

If you are allergic to nuts and legumes, this might not be for you, Remember; hypersensitivity reaction is a life-threatening condition. Always consult your doctor for your ultimate safety.

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Final Thoughts

Stress is one of the leading factors that negatively affect a man’s fertility. Low testosterone counts, erectile dysfunction, and infertility can make you feel inferior and not man enough to produce your future offspring.

The wonders of velvet beans are considered a gift to a man’s fertility and general wellbeing. This herbal drug might be your ultimate resort to keep living again and show the world that you aren’t defeated by any infertility issues.

Lastly, remember that a stress-free life is crucial to your general health and wellbeing. Be man enough to face your problems and face life with strength and vitality.

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