Boost Your Male Hormones to Lower the Risk of Heart Failure

Boost These Two Male Hormones to Lower the Risk of Heart Failure

1 in 5 heart attack patients are younger than 40 years of age.

When your heart becomes unable to pump enough blood around the body, heart failure sets in. It's a life-threatening condition with relatively mild early symptoms:

🫁 Shortness of breath
🥱 Constant tiredness
🦵 Leg swelling (better in the mornings, worse in the evenings)

About 2% of adults have heart failure, and this rate is as high as 10% in people over 65.


How can your androgens help to prevent this?

The findings indicate that increasing the levels of T, as well as its natural precursors, may reduce heart failure risk in men. (1, 2)

Those are the two androgens you want to boost to keep your heart health in check. The big T and its precursor.

And this heart-protecting effect is especially powerful in men with low androgen levels. Since your T-levels go down by 1-2% every year after you hit 40... (3)

You see why prevention is essential.

Restoring or increasing your androgens is one of the most effective strategies of preventing cardiovascular disease, including heart failure.

How can you do this?

The conventional way is to take synthetic meds.

They have dozens of side effects, but works fast.

Natural alternatives work slower, but are MUCH safer, with little to no side effects in most men.

The best herbal androgen booster on the planet is Butea Superba.


Butea Superba

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What makes it so effective?

In a nutshell, it's the closest thing to plant-based male hormone replacement. A study published in the journal Andrologia reported that Butea Superba can restore optimal T-levels in 90.8% of men. (4)

And it's not just T, the king of androgens.

Another study, published in the journal Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine pointed out that the active compounds in Butea Superba, eurypeptides, stimulate the precursors of T. (5)

And for some extra support for your androgens...

Getting more sleep and lowering stress levels can boost androgens in most men.

But supplement-wise, you won't find anything better than Butea Superba.

Butea Superba

Natural Testosterone Booster

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