The Forgotten Soviet Secret to Massive Muscle
and Explosive Performance Revealed

The Forgotten Soviet Secret to Massive Muscle
and Explosive Performance Revealed

Now any man can skyrocket his performance with this natural booster!

Most people have never heard about this cryptic compound, meaning NOW is the best time to reap its massive benefits!

Monday 11 May 2020

By Alex Eriksson

The Summer Olympics of 1980 were held in the Soviet Union.

Now, guess how many medals the Soviets won in the event? 🤔

A total of 195!

The Soviets earned the most gold (80), silver (69), and bronze (46) medals.

To put that into perspective, that’s almost ⅓ of ALL the medals of those Olympics—for a single country out of the 35 participants! 😱



But How Were the Soviets Able to Win THAT Many Medals?

Get Ready to Learn Their Cunny Little Secret… 🤫

Turns out, they had a little something that basically turned them into real beasts that most athletes couldn't compete with...

Many experts believe the Soviets were able to achieve this kind of unparalleled success only thanks to one exotic natural steroid.

A substance present in some insects, sea animals, and wild plants.

A chemical that's comparable in anabolic power to the synthetic Metandienone (Danabol).

Gentlemen, meet ecdysterone, a natural steroid that can help you earn that sweet gold on your personal Olympics. 🏅

By the way, before we talk more about ecdysterone, here's something you really don't want to miss...



Sweet, now back to the topic.

Ecdysterone, also called beta-ecdysterone, is a natural compound found in some insects, aquatic animals, and wild plants.

Some of the richest sources of ecdysterone are the Chinese plant Cyanotis arachnoidea and marine animals sources like the zoanthids that live in coral reefs.

But what's in it for you, exactly? What makes ecdysterone so awesome for athletes, bodybuilders—and us men in general?

Let's dig into the details.


Can Ecdysterone Really Turn Men Into Superhumans?

Becoming more than human is possible.
(With the right boost.)


Early research on ecdysterone suggests:

- It increases protein synthesis.
- It has anabolic properties, according to animal studies on rats and quail.
Clinical studies with human subjects also reported anabolic effects resulting from ecdysterone intake.
- Studies reported that ecdysterone has a wider anabolic action than synthetic steroids like methandrotenolone (Danabol).
- Combined with a high-protein diet, ecdysterone increases lean muscle mass and decreases body fat.
- Ecdysterone can improve glucose and insulin metabolism.
- Ecdysterone apparently has anti-tumor, adaptogenic and antioxidant properties.


Basically, it’s a compound that makes you superhuman—just a little bit. You build more muscle, fight off stress, curb inflammation at the root, and thus can perform better in any kind of sports.

No surprise that ecdysterone-pumped Soviet athletes won almost 200 medals in the 1980 Olympics!

Honest dudes just didn’t stand a chance.

Even if you train day in and day out, push your boundaries to the extreme, challenge ALL your limitations… The guy who also does all of that AND takes a natural performance booster like ecdysterone will just win all the time.


Ecdysterone Is So Good That WADA Is Banning It Soon 🚫

Recently, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) agreed that ecdysterone has significant ergogenic (performance-boosting) properties and decided to include it in its 2020 Monitoring List.

So, while ecdysterone isn't in the List of Prohibited Substances yet, sports authorities are keeping an eye on it. Chances are, the stuff will soon get banned for good.


Good News: Ecdysterone Isn't the Only Natural Booster Around

We’ve found another 4 epic compounds that are amazing for men’s hormonal health, physical performance, and blood flow (you know why that’s important, right? 🍆😉)

The best part: most men have NO IDEA of these fabulous boosters, so you’ll be way ahead of your competition if you put this knowledge to good use.

So, are you ready to rock?

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