This Is How You Can Understand ED Better
(And Learn How To Fix It)

This Is How You Can Understand ED Better
(And Learn How To Fix It)


Imagine a car that does not work.

What's the reason?

Hundreds of possible causes. Even thousands.

But when you really, really, REALLY dumb it down...

It's either something wrong with the car itself... Or the car is perfectly fine and you're just out of gas.

Now hear us out...

The same goes for your erectile function.

It's either a lack of blood flow (low fuel) or a deeper issue, usually hormone imbalance (broken car).

The good news is that we've found the best herbs to help with BOTH parts of the ED problem, and our customers are reporting massive results from taking this combo.

Gentlemen, it's Black Ginger plus Butea Superba.

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But if you want to pinpoint your issue and focus on it alone...

Here's how to tell the two apart on a very basic level.


ED Due to Poor Blood Flow

If you suspect your ED is to blood flow issues, check if you have any other symptoms of the condition:


  • 🚩 High blood pressure
  • 🚩 Cold hands and feet (even when it's relatively warm around you)
  • 🚩 Low energy levels and motivation
  • 🚩 Longer time to recover after exercise or stress
  • 🚩 Decreased performance at the gym
  • 🚩 Running out of breath easily during jogs, sports, active games


If this sounds like your situation, try boosting your blood flow through regular cardio exercise (30 minutes 3 times per week for a few months) or by taking natural nitric oxide boosters like pomegranate.

But if you want faster results, the best natural thing to try is Black Ginger—the king of herbs for strong circulation.

Just like the blue pill, it works by inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme in your body, leading to improved nitric oxide action, more relaxed blood vessels, and strong blood flow.


Black Ginger

ED Due to Hormone Imbalance

ED due to hormone imbalance is somewhat harder to pinpoint with accuracy. Preferably, you want to have your testosterone and estrogen levels checked.

If you can't or don't want to run any lab tests, here are the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance (low testosterone and/or high estrogen):


  • 🚩 Muscle loss or trouble building new muscle
  • 🚩 Weight gain due to fat accumulation
  • 🚩 Gynecomastia (aka gyno or "man boobs")
  • 🚩 Mood swings
  • 🚩 Infertility

If this sounds like your situation, look for natural androgen boosters and anti-estrogen compounds.

As a rule, herbs and foods have only one of these two properties, but Butea Superba packs a 2-in-1 hormone optimizing action: it boosts androgens and reduces estrogen at the same time!


Butea Superba

That's why fighting ED naturally can be a hit-or-miss thing for some men if they're unlucky.

They try improving their blood flow while what they really need is a boost in male hormones.

Or they focus on their androgens when better blood flow is all they really need.

The smart solution is to take care of both parts of the problem at once, and we have a discounted product bundle for those men who are ready to crush their performance problems for good!

Crush ED With a Double Punch

Male Vitality Starter Pack

2-in-1 ED Elimination

Feel The True Power of Black Ginger and Butea Superba Combined

After all... There's a good reason why elite Muay Thai fighters take these two herbs together, not just one of them.

Better blood flow gives you strength, endurance, energy—and rock-solid erections too! At the same time, balanced hormones help you build muscle, restore your libido, and improve sexual performance overall.

It's a herbal combo you really don't want to miss out.

That is, if you're serious about your enhancement.

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