Introducing Tongkat Ali CYCLES for Your Legendary Results

Introducing Tongkat Ali CYCLES for Your Legendary Results


Today we are launching our Tongkat Cycles, herbal cycling programs designed to bring you HUGE results.

Tongkat Cycles have been widely used by men in the East to overcome their limitations and keep their vitality rumbling at any age, even well beyond their 70s.

In a nutshell, it's all about taking specific types of Tongkat Ali in a certain order, cycling between them in one or two-month periods.

Let's start with the Male Intimate Performance Deep Reboot Cycle.

Male Intimate Performance Deep Reboot Cycle

(1-2 Months of Yellow Tongkat Ali + 1-2 Months of Black Tongkat Ali) Save up to 20% when buying together!


The goal of this herbal program is to reboot, optimize, and skyrocket your sexual function. ALL aspects of it, including:

  • 📌 Erectile hardness and duration
  • 📌 Libido
  • 📌 Passion in bed
  • 📌 Fertility levels
  • 📌 Sensitivity
  • 📌 Healthy ejaculation (in some men)

So, how is that achieved?


Phase One of this cycle consists of 1-2 months of Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) to elevate androgen levels. Your sexual function is built almost entirely on your hormones, so this part is essential for long-term success. During this phase, you can also take Black Ginger and/or Butea Superba to speed up your progress, but DO NOT take Black Tongkat Ali during Phase One. Leave it to the next phase of the cycle.

When your 1-2 months of Yellow Tongkat are over, stop taking it and proceed to Phase Two: 1-2 months of Black Tongkat Ali (Polyalthia bullata).

The goal of Phase Two is to polish and boost specific components of your sexual function, like your libido, erectile power, and sensitivity.

Just like during Phase One, you can combine Black Tongkat with Black Ginger and/or Butea Superba to get results faster, but DO NOT take Yellow Tongkat Ali during Phase Two. 

After Phase Two is over, give yourself some resting time (one or two months) before trying another Tongkat Cycle if you want. You can take Black Ginger and/or Butea Superba during this pause between cycles if you want.

Who will benefit the most from this cycle?

1️⃣ The Beginner.You've never tried herbal cycles before and are wary of them being too complex. If that's the case, this simple two-phase program is perfect for you!

🌱 The Natural Enthusiast. You respect and enjoy everything natural and are eager to try a herbal alternative to steroid cycling—for your sexual function instead of your muscles!

🤔 The Curious Man. You've tried some natural supplements before but never tried cycling them in any specific way. Curious to feel if that makes any difference? Oh, it does.

🫤 The Skeptic. You don't believe that herbal cycling is effective. Try this out and let us change your mind.

💵 The Smart Spender. Buying our Tongkat supplements in cycle bundles is the best way to spend less—and get more!

Ready for a Deep Reboot?

Male Intimate Performance Deep Reboot Cycle

(1-2 Months of Yellow Tongkat Ali + 1-2 Months of Black Tongkat Ali) Save up to 20% when buying together!

Feel The True Power of Tongkat Cycling

Several Eastern herbs bear the proud name Tongkat Ali, which literally means "Ali's walking stick" due to their outstanding aphrodisiac effects.

Yellow Tongkat helps you win the hormonal battle for true manhood. This sets a strong foundation for everything that's important for men.

Black Tongkat strengthens and improves specific aspects of your sexual function, building upon the foundation of peak male hormones.

Red Tongkat improves the function of your liver and kidneys, supporting the cornerstones of your general health.

Every single Tongkat can give you amazing results on its own but when they're cycled in specific regimes... That's when they truly shine. Like a supernova.

And we made it our mission to bring YOU this light in the form of our premium Tongkat supplements.

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