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Monday 7 November 2020

By Alex Eriksson

A recent study has found out that men are getting physically weaker with each generation. (1)

In most cases, the modern man is a measly boy worried about the number of carbs in his morning latte and the number of followers he has on social media.

That's... Not what being a MAN should be all about, right?

And there's more.

Men are also more depressed, anxious, insecure, afraid, easily offended, and constantly unhappy about their lives. We've hit rock bottom.

Sometimes it almost feels like most men are "on pause" right now.

Sleepwalking through life.

Their confidence? Absent. Their reliability? Taking a nap. Ambitions, motivation, will? Out of order.

It's disgusting, and it needs to stop.

No more men on pause. It's time to resume life.

It's time to Unleash the Beast.



You see, millions of men around the world are suffering from one common issue.

A silent disaster that's preventing them from feeling, acting, and living like REAL men.

The worst part?

Most of them have ZERO idea there's something wrong with them.

Can you guess the culprit?

Here it goes...


Andropause is a silent epidemic that prevents many men from being REAL MEN.

Look, let's not sugarcoat this.

You deserve to know the truth, so here it goes: andropause.

In a nutshell, it's a severe type of hormonal imbalance when a man's body stops producing enough male hormones (androgens), hence andropause.

"Man on pause."

An insanely high rate of modern men have hormonal imbalance. Studies estimate that over 45% of men have low male hormones at age 45—and this rate increases even further with age. (2)

And it's not just a problem for older men.

Hormonal imbalance and andropause are common in young men too, with the usual symptoms being: (3)

- Low energy levels
- Sadness
- Decreased work performance
- Lacking physical performance (strength, endurance)

The worst part? Hormone imbalance in men is most often caused by super simple things we all face on a daily basis:


- Age 40+
- Poor dietary choices
- Excess weight
- Intense or chronic stress
- Low sleep quality
- Overtraining OR total lack of training
- Chemical disruptors (including plant-based estrogens)

If you have trouble with at least 3 of the factors above, there's a good chance you're not reaching your full potential due to hormonal imbalance. In the worst case scenario, you're in a state of andropause.

And here's why that's a problem...

You can't be a real MAN if you have low MALE hormones (androgens).

As if that wasn't enough, this problem often goes along with another one: high FEMALE hormones (estrogens).

True, hormones aren't everything that makes a man, but hormones definitely are the backbone of masculinity.

Doubting the power of hormones? Well, then you've probably never seen a pregnant woman.

Hormones are bloody serious business.

But enough of the dark stuff, here's the good news.

You have the power to restore your hormonal balance.


Reclaim Your Hormonal Health in Just 3 FREE Lessons

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Three emails. Three short lessons. Three steps to unleash the beast in you, and give you a solid base to evolve into a Real Man.

Are you ready to rock?

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