Men, Let's Talk About Size.

Let's Talk About Size.

The truth is brutal, but there's hope.

Does SIZE matter?

Lately, we've been getting a LOT of emails asking about our take on natural penis enlargement.

Here's the short version: there's no effective way. Seriously.

Even the sort-of-reliable strategies, like using penile traction extenders, may give you 1 to 3 cm at most... After MONTHS of using that torture device for 4-6 hours daily... And that only applies to the flaccid state. While erected, it'll be roughly the same size as before.

Never trust enlargement pills or gels, they're a total scam with no studies to back them. Period. No exceptions.

Instead of throwing your money down the drain...

Focus on what's REALLY in your power: your erectile function. Your hardness.

You don't need a massive penis to satisfy your partner, but you better have a hard one. That's important both for your self-esteem, your relationship, and your potential ability to perform in bed.

If you want a bulletproof way to achieve maximum hardness naturally, the Black Ginger + Butea Superba combo is unbeatable.

It's all because of their partly overlapping effects, as you can see on the diagram above.

  • Black Ginger is a powerful nitric oxide booster and a PDE5 inhibitor.
  • Butea Superba is the best herbal androgen booster—and a mild PDE5 inhibitor too.
  • (For comparison, the "little blue pill" is JUST a PDE5 inhibitor, useless for enhancing nitric oxide or increasing male hormones.)
  • As a result, the Black Ginger + Butea Superba combo delivers a crushing double blow to your PDE5 (the enzyme that shuts down erections) but also helps you beat the two most common causes of ED: poor blood flow and low male sexual hormones.


    The best part? It's all confirmed by studies.

    (Contrary to penis enlargement scams.)

Male Performance Basic Pack

(Black Ginger + Butea Superba)

The main male sexual hormone-boosting compound in Butea Superba. Thanks to this phytochemical, Butea Superba has been reported to restore optimal T-levels in about 90.8% of men. (1)

What about PDE5 inhibition? It's based mostly on the action of canthin-6-one alkaloids, as reported in a recent 2022 study. (2) In simple terms, PDE5 inhibition means much more durable erections.

As for Black Ginger (Kaempferia parviflora)...

Black Ginger dramatically boosts blood flow by enhancing nitric oxide (NO) action. (3) Nitric oxide is the physiological trigger of erections, and this is exactly what wakes up your morning wood over the course of 2-4 weeks on Black Ginger.

It's also extremely rich in natural PDE5 inhibitors. (4)


Now imagine the full picture...

  • - Your erections are ignited MUCH easier thanks to the nitric oxide boost from Black Ginger.
    - The hardness and duration of your erections are massively increased by the PDE5 inhibition from both Butea Superba and Black Ginger.

At the same time, Butea Superba also boosts male sexual hormones...


...Which is delivered all around your body much more effectively thanks to the blood flow boost from Black Ginger!

And there you have it.

The best natural solution for any kind of ED.

Works in over 90% of men and literally does wonders to your performance in bed.


So, next time you find yourself wondering about increasing your size...

Start by boosting your erectile function. That's all you need, really.

The Unbeatable Combo

Male Performance Basic Pack

Black Ginger + Butea Superba

Why This Combo Is Marked "Basic" if It's so Great?

Because it's simple and straightforward.

You can boost it even further with other herbs like Pine Pollen.

But if your primary goal is erectile performance, these two herbs should already give you results.

And the result will be epic.

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