Is Yohimbe The Best Natural Sex Booster For Men?

Studies confirmed that Yohimbe bark contains yohimbine, a compound that may dramatically increase sexual performance in men.†

Massively underused in modern times, Yohimbe is a treasure trove for men who are after real results.

Thursday 21 July 2022

By Alex Eriksson

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Yohimbe) is an evergreen tree native to Western and Central Africa.

The bark of this tree contains yohimbine, a compound that helps to burn body fat, increases sexual performance, and makes sex more enjoyable overall. This powerful compound also improves blood flow in the pelvis area, resulting in harder erections.

WARNING: Due to their potency, Yohimbe bark supplements may be unsafe for those who have cardiovascular issues as they might cause rapid heart rate, tremors, and elevated blood pressure.

Perform Better in Bed and Burn Fat at the Same Time

Studies suggest that the active compounds in yohimbe can aid in fat loss... But that's not all.†

Yohimbe is an important part of traditional medicine in Western and Central Africa. Studies show that taking Yohimbe supplements boost circulation to the male reproductive organs. (4)

As a natural herbal supplement, this effect has been used to increase sexual pleasure and performance. It also helps treat erectile dysfunction in men. (1,2)

As a natural aphrodisiac, Yohimbe has also been reported to improve libido in men.

Before we dig deeper into the science behind Yohimbe's benefits...

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Yohimbe bark is one of the most interesting herbal supplements in traditional medicine today. While it might spark controversy, men all over the world use this plant to treat erectile dysfunction and other fertility issues.

Here are a few studies you might want to check out.

The Priceless Benefits of Yohimbe for Men

Becoming more than human may be possible. (With the right booster.)

Yohimbe supplements, usually available in tablet and capsule forms, offer numerous benefits for men.

According to studies, Yohimbe treats erectile dysfunction by working as an active antagonist to alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. These receptors inhibit penile erections by blocking the blood supply to the penis. Yohimbe supplements block alpha-2 adrenergic receptors for harder, more durable erections. (1)(2)

Yohimbine also stimulates the release of nitric oxide, another compound responsible for dilating blood vessels. As a result, nitric oxide improves blood flow to the male sexual organs. (3)

Another research found that yohimbine was significantly more efficient in treating erectile dysfunction compared to using a placebo. (4)

Several studies found that taking a Yohimbe supplement for 30 days caused partial improvements in symptoms of the male participants. (5)

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