Ongewilde androgeen verpletter gyna by mans (en hoe om meer van hierdie hormoon natuurlik te kry)

Ongewilde androgeen verpletter gyna by mans (en hoe om meer van hierdie hormoon natuurlik te kry)

50 tot 65% van mans wêreldwyd word deur manlike borsafwykings geraak

Die meeste mans weet reeds dat androgene (manlike hormone) noodsaaklik is vir manlike gesondheid.

Die probleem is dat hulle te veel fokus op die “groot T” as die koning van androgene.

In werklikheid is sy metaboliet (die DH-weergawe) net so belangrik, veral vir:

- Algehele manlike houding en "alfa" eienskappe
- Motivering, dryfkrag, aggressiwiteit
- Voorkoming van ginekomastie

Die laaste punt is veral belangrik, aangesien ginekomastie (gyno, manlike borsvergroting) die vlaag van miljoene mans regoor die wêreld is.

Om "man boobs" te hê is neerdrukkend en afbrekend, en dit is waar die herstel van optimale androgeenbalans kan help.

Volgens navorsing is die rede agter die meeste gevalle van gyno hormonale wanbalans: hoë vroulike hormoonvlakke gekombineer met lae manlike hormoonvlakke.

Dit is die hormoonbalans van 'n wyfie.

En wanneer jy die hormone van 'n vrou het ...

...Jy groei die borste van 'n vrou.

So hoekom help T nie? Is dit nie 'n manlike hormoon nie?

T se primêre "aksiepunt" is spierweefsel.

Oral anders is die DH-weergawe van T 2,5 tot 10 keer kragtiger. Dit is presies wat jy nodig het, aangesien gyno nie 'n "spier"-kwessie is nie: dit is die klierborsweefsel wat vergroot word.

Daarbenewens werk hierdie androgeen vroulike hormone teen wat gyno in die eerste plek veroorsaak.

Die perfekte dubbelaksie.

Maar hoe kan jy jou vlakke van hierdie deurslaggewende androgeen, die DH-metaboliet van T, verhoog sonder om na sintetiese medisyne toe te vlug?

Die mees effektiewe natuurlike alternatief is Butea Superba, bekend as Kwao Krua Dang (Rooi Kwao Krua).

Butea Fantasties

One study published in the Oxford Clinical endocrinology journal recruited a total of 62 men to look at the effects of androgens on gyno. (2)

This research included 40 men with breast enlargement and 22 without it.

Guess how many men with gyno got better?

10 of the 40 (25%) went into full remission. No more enlarged breasts whatsoever—after 4 to 20 weeks of treatment.

Another 19 (47.5%) experienced partial improvement. Their gyno was still present but got significanlty less noticeable.

All in all, optimizing androgen levels resulted in a dramatic improvement of gynecomastia in 72.5% of men!

The downside of this study is that it's rather small. 40 subjects plus another 22 in the control group isn't that big of a deal.

Yet the point remains valid.

Restoring hormonal balance in men is a huge part of battling gyno.

Even by modern standards, the conventional treatment of gynecomastia involves androgens and anti-estrogens—synthetic, of course.

For a natural alternative, Butea Superba is considered to be the best option. It's both a pro-androgen AND an anti-estrogen herb. (3, 4)

Butea has been used for centuries as a male tonic in Thailand and Myanmar, always with outstanding results.

Some supplements add Butea Superba as a component in their formulas...

But only a pure product with nothing else than Butea will give you the most control and the best effects.

Your path to peak manhood starts here.

Butea Fantasties

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