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In today's world, testosterone is taken for granted, subjected to unspeakable things such as anabolic steroids, reduced down to simply just another fitness tool. Yet testosterone is the very essence of your being, as a man.

Not feeling quite yourself for the past few months? It is more than possible you’ve been neglecting your testosterone through poor lifestyle and dietary choices. Testosterone interacts with almost every function of what it is to be a man.

In fact, if you take care of your testosterone levels as we teach you in this book, you can enjoy benefits that you have not experienced since you were a teenager. How about:

•    Improved sex drive and libido*
•   The drive and motivation to get things done*
•   More lean muscle and faster strength gains*
•   Improved energy levels*
•   Restorative sleep*
•   Improved sperm count and fertility*
•   Sense of satisfaction with life*

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There is a dark side of having subpar testosterone levels. Having a low testosterone level is actually much more likely today, than it was 30 years ago, meaning that in effect you are less of a man than your father was simply because of how society is today.

Low testosterone levels have a far reaching effect, trickling down into many aspects of life.

Did you just read all of the important benefits that testosterone is responsible for at the top of this page?

Well, just think of experiencing the exact opposite. Low testosterone levels can destroy your relationships, work and overall performance in life.

Given, men are much more resilient than that, and will not “just die” because of having low levels of T, but it will negatively affect so many aspects of your life that you may want to just roll over and call it quits.





Is It All Boom or Gloom When It Comes to Testosterone?

Not at all! In fact, if you ever tested your testosterone levels, and your levels were revealed to be subpar, there are things you can start doing today that are likely to have a profound effect on improving your life and reversing those levels to a more similar pattern that you had when you we’re young.
Love to go out with the boys and throw back a few beers?

Well, that’s got to stop (or at least your frequency and amount). Beers are made from hops, a highly potent phytoestrogen.

Yes that's right, contrary to popular opinion, beer is probably the least suitable alcoholic beverage for men.

Do you just sit around all day and watch TV when you’re home? That’s not going to cut it anymore!

Little by little, exercise can become a habit, and trust us, as you start to see muscle appear where you’ve never seen it before and you're sex drive improves, you'll be further motivated to work harder.

There are so many things you could be innocently doing on a daily basis that is killing your testosterone levels. We shall address all of them in this book.

Consistency builds upon being consistent, and with diligence, you will start to feel the world is your oyster again. Maximizing your testosterone levels have the potential to benefit you in all areas of your life.

When you hit the high range testosterone levels group, you may start to feel:

Highly motivated and productive: Some call this the “God Complex”, or the feeling that you can accomplish anything in the world that you can visualize.

You will feel like sexual napalm (jokes aside): if you’ve ever felt intimidated by the hot girl across the room, those feelings may be no more! With time and diligence, your confidence will increase. Shyness is a common trait among low T men*.

You will look great: with or without clothes, when you have high testosterone levels, your body becomes a fat burning, muscle building machine. Workouts in the gym are destroyed as easy as they come, leaving you thirsty for more.

You will enjoy sleeping: ever slept hours upon hours and still not feel ready to face the world the next day? Men with superior androgen profiles experience deeply restorative sleep*, as testosterone itself enhances the ability of growth hormone to boost recuperation*.

There are many things you could be innocently doing on a daily basis that is killing your testosterone levels.



Don't Know what to eat to get results?

We’ve got you covered as well. Not everything that is edible is good for you, and it can either heal you, or hurt you.

We will explain in simple terms which foods are good for you, and which ones are not.

You’ve probably realized by now this is a wealth of knowledge to be learnt.

By the time you completed this book, you will be ready to embrace your manliness, and find out what it means to live a life you look forward to.

Let’s begin!