How to Strengthen the 3 Core Pillars of Your Sex Life

How to Strengthen the 3 Core Pillars of Your

Your libido and erections stand on three pillars.

Like a "Holy Trinity" of sorts.

TWO of them can be improved without any supplements whatsoever, with just a few lifestyle and diet choices.

The third one is trickier, but it's still possible to power it up naturally.


Here's how.


(Also, here's why Black Ginger gives you ALL of the components at a fraction of the time and required discipline.)

And then you die, if left untreated.

Besides the dying part, Black Ginger works in a similar (and less intense) way.


Black Ginger

Nature's Best Shortcut to Supreme Libido and Erections

Nitric Oxide, the Blood Vessel Widener

The first component is nitric oxide.


It's the easiest one to fix and comes with massive benefits besides libido and erections.

Why do you need nitric oxide?
Nitric oxide (NO) is the body's most powerful vasodilator. It relaxes and widens your blood vessels everywhere. Of course, this includes the penis.

How do you increase your nitric oxide naturally?

Eat more nitrate-rich foods. Beetroot, for instance, is the absolute king in this matter. Some people go as far as drinking fresh beetroot juice as a natural pre-workout for some crazy pump at the gym. Dark leafy greens take the honorable second place. Kale, arugula, spinach, chard. Eat a few salads with those greens every day, and you can expect your nitric oxide levels to be pretty good no matter your age.

✅ Use mouthwash less frequently. Although beneficial overall, mouthwash kills oral bacteria that take part in the process of transforming dietary nitrates into nitrites, which will later be turned into nitric oxide (NO). In one study, this correlation was so evident that subjects had higher systolic blood pressure for 3 days after using mouthwash, indicating poorer NO levels. (1)

✅ Exercise regularly. A great deal of NO is produced by your blood vessels, and regular training helps to improve their effectiveness in doing this. In studies, benefits have been noticed in about 10 weeks of regular 30-minute workouts three times per week. (2)

For better results, alternate between cardio and resistance training (lifting weights).

That's the free way of boosting your nitric oxide, based on lifestyle changes without any supplements.

With Black Ginger, however, you may notice a boost in nitric oxide even after your first dose. That's why many men use Black Ginger as a natural pre-workout—without the post-workout crash, as it doesn't contain caffeine!


Black Ginger

Nature's Best Shortcut to Supreme Libido and Erections

Dopamine, the Messenger of Motivation

Dopamine is one of the most important neurotransmitters (messenger molecules) and hormones in your body. It does the lion's share of the work for controlling your motivation: reward-seeking behavior.


Why do you need dopamine?
It's absolutely required for a strong libido, as sex drive is a form of "reward-seeking" behavior. In this case, the reward is sex and the pleasure you get from it.

If your dopamine levels are low or you've become less sensitive to it, sex doesn't feel rewarding and you don't want it. Your libido plummets.

How do you increase your dopamine levels and sensitivity?
This is considerably more difficult than bumping up your nitric oxide levels, but still possible.

To increase dopamine production, eat more protein. The amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine are used to make dopamine in your body, and you'll find loads of them in turkey, eggs, dairy, and beef.

To increase dopamine sensitivity, the best way is to eliminate easy rewards as much as possible. Activities that don't require much action but give you a relative ton of pleasure (in the form of a dopamine spike) gradually desensitize your dopamine receptors, making you less likely to go for a more time and energy-consuming action.

To turn this around, go on a "dopamine detox" and ditch the easy rewards. Gradually, the dopamine receptors of your brain will forget the spikes and become readier to act for more demanding activities.

Ditch the porn and masturbation, sex will start feeling more rewarding, and your libido will go up. It's simple as that.

That's the free method, but it requires quite a lot of discipline.


Black Ginger is a shortcut.


Not only Black Ginger increases your dopamine levels directly, but also helps to improve dopamine signaling via its receptors, resulting in a massively improved libido without dopamine detoxes.


Black Ginger

Nature's Best Shortcut to Supreme Libido and Erections

PDE5 Inhibitors, the Erection Extenders

This is the hardest part of the Trinity to fix, mainly because your body doesn't have any PDE5 inhibitors on its own.

Blue pill is the synthetic "golden standard," but the side effects are nasty. Headaches, flushing, nasal congestion, you know the drill.


Why do you need PDE5 inhibitors?
If nitric oxide and dopamine ignite your erection (the former through improved blood flow and the latter through increased libido) PDE5 inhibitors keep your erection up and hard.

Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) is an enzyme that essentially shuts down your erections. So, if you suppress (inhibit) this enzyme, stronger and longer erections come naturally.


How can you suppress the PDE5 enzyme?
If you want to avoid supplements altogether, even a natural one like the Black Ginger root, pomegranate is probably the only food with a substantial degree of PDE5-inhibiting action. Osage orange (Malculra pomifera) is another option, but it hasn't been well-studied yet.

In terms of natural solutions, Black Ginger is still the most powerful and cost-effective strategy.


The Holy Trinity of Raging Libido and Erectile Power In One Natural Supplement.

Black Ginger

Nature's Best Shortcut to Supreme Libido and Erections

Nitric oxide. Dopamine. PDE5 inhibition.

Our Black Ginger  gives you all the fundamental components for supreme erections and libido naturally, saving you time and energy.

Other benefits include:

Healthier blood pressure levels. Some of our customers even manage to decrease their intake of blood pressure pills or even drop them altogether.

Better stamina and endurance for any activity including sex, workouts, and sports.

  • Higher energy levels all day long, without the jitters you would get from caffeine.


And ALL of this is 100% natural.

Give it 2-3 months to do its job, and Black Ginger will show you what you're truly capable of in bed. And beyond.

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