Chief Complaint: "A Feeling of Increased Sex Drive"

"I don't think it will help me ENOUGH."

Imagine going to see your doctor...


Because you can't bear the overwhelming libido.


It almost feels like you've hit puberty again, hormones running wild in your mind and meat.


And when the doctor runs a blood test to check your hormones?


Your DHT is at a whopping 1512 pg/mL. For comparison, the normal reference value is 250–990 pg/mL, so you're 52% over the highest limit!


(And probably 200-300% over the DHT level of an average man.)


After some questioning, it turns out that you've been taking Butea Superba for a few weeks.




And if that sounds like an outlandish imaginary scenario, think again. It's actually a published case study.


The question is... Are YOU ready to take on this kind of alpha-boost?

Butea Superba
Natural aromatase inhibitor & male hormone optimizer

The man from this report was single, 35 years old, with no underlying health conditions. He took an unspecified dose of Butea Superba for a few weeks, and turned into a raging beast in terms of sex drive.


He couldn't bear it, went to see a doctor, and was advised to stop taking Butea altogether. In a week his DHT was back to normal, and so was his libido.


This story makes an amazing illustration of the essence of DHT: alpha-attitude.


Testosterone gives you the body of a man, but it's DHT that transforms your behavior.


Motivation. Aggressiveness. The will to take on any challenge. The desire to dominate.


That's the power of DHT.


And, well, crazy sex drive too. Especially if it turns out you're particularly sensitive to the herb.


So how exactly does Butea Superba work? How can it give you 200-300% more DHT than the average Joe could ever dream about?

Butea Superba

Natural aromatase inhibitor & male hormone optimizer

Butea Superba has a scientifically confirmed 2-in-1 hormone-optimizing action:

    1. 1. It supports androgen production, mostly in the form of a massive DHT boost.

  1. It has antiestrogenic compounds that fight off estrogen dominance in men, allowing your androgens to work even better.


2. But be warned. You can have too much of a good thing. A high libido is a blessing if you have the means and resources to satisfy it. Otherwise, it may feel like a curse.


The good news, though? We created our Butea Superba supplement with all the best studies in mind, so the recommended dosage on the pack should give you the best results without driving you into any kind of frenzied overdrive.


No curses, only alpha blessings.


That's our promise to you.


Try Butea Superba for at least a few weeks (preferably 2-3 months), and you'll definitely feel the boost.

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