Your Hormones Are Your Orders. Here's What They Command Your Body To Do.

Your Hormones Are Your Orders. Here's What They Command Your Body To Do.


86% of men don't understand how their hormones work.

They think hormones are super straightforward, e.g. "testosterone gives you muscle" sort of like "water makes you wet."

That's just sad.

Men who don't understand their hormones end up being controlled by them. But men who discover the true meaning of their hormones...

These men learn to dominate their nature. They reclaim control over their physiology—instead of letting their physiology control THEM.

Here's THE ONLY thing you need to understand about your hormones to grasp just how important they are...

Your Hormones Are Orders For Your Body.


Every hormone is a set of orders aligned with one specific goal.

For example, consider adrenaline.

This is one of the body's most potent "fight or flight" hormones, and everything it does is aligned with that order.

Your heart rate goes up to bring more blood to your muscles. Your airways open up to give you plenty of air. Your pupils dilate so you can see better your enemies or your escape route.

So, instead of commanding all those structures one by one (muscles, airways, pupils, etc.), your body gives you a single adrenaline shot and lets it make its magic.

Now, get ready to learn the order of your male hormones...

The Order of Testosterone: "Look Like A Man."  


Testosterone is one of the body's main anabolic hormones, meaning it BUILDS things. One of its main orders is to make you look like a man.

📢 Build larger muscles and stronger bones
📢 Largely determines penis length
📢 Triggers the growth of the Adam's apple, that perky cartilage in the male neck
📢 Promotes the growth of body hair and facial hair

Basically, just imagine a REAL MAN, and all of his physical features are mostly the result of testosterone.

And in case you need more testosterone to look manlier... The most reliable way to do that naturally is to take Tongkat Ali.

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But hey, a man is so much more than just looks...

His attitude is even more important.

A man is all about how he acts.

And that's where DHT comes into play.

The Order of DHT: "Act Like a Man."


Although DHT triggers the healthy development of male genitals in the fetus, it plays a relatively small role in defining the LOOK of fully formed adult males.

DHT is not about looks.

The order of DHT is to make you act like a man. But how exactly?

DHT is 3-5 times stronger than testosterone everywhere besides your muscles. Additionally, DHT counteracts estrogens (female hormones). The result?

  • Social dominance and growth in the social hierarchy
    ✅ Raging libido and improved sexuality
    ✅ Aggressiveness and competitiveness
    ✅ Strong motivation and will to live


That's all DHT.

In fact, studies reported that in most cases the monkeys at the very top of their groups routinely had higher DHT levels. So, even though they weren't always the most muscular in the pack, they were the alphas and got more females, more food, and more respect from the other monkeys.

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Look Like A Man, Act Like A Man.

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Master your hormones, make them work for you.

Depending on your current goals, you might want to focus more on your body (by boosting testosterone with Tongkat Ali) or your attitude (by boosting DHT and fighting off estrogen with Butea Superba).

Of course, if you take both at the same time... The results will likely be several times more powerful, as these 2 plants make an EPIC combo.

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