The Ripple Effect of Epic Manhood

The Ripple Effect of Epic Manhood

I witnessed one BEAST of a man this morning.

Scratch that.


And this is not an overstatement.

I have no idea who that guy was, and I'm pretty sure I'll never get to know him personally...

But his image will be etched in my memory for years now.

I'm sharing this to show you the massive impact that YOU, as a man, can have on the world.

Even on absolute strangers.

Here's how it went...

At the crack of dawn, I was standing by the window, sipping on some black coffee and mustering up the will to hit the gym.

It was one of those dark and windy mornings that make you come up with all sorts of excuses for skipping a gruesome leg day.

And then I see HIM.

A man on his morning run.

But here's the catch...

He was running with a DOUBLE baby stroller!


Can you imagine that?

While I was there mentally whining about going for a workout on a gloomy morning...

That MAN, the father of at least TWO little kids, was running through the first rays of sunlight and pushing a massive double stroller before him.

Now, I don't know his story.

Maybe he's a single father. Maybe his wife is sick at home and can't take care of the kids. Maybe he's training for a marathon.

Doesn't matter.

He's there, no excuses, running the miles he'd planned for the day.

He's dominating his life and setting a stellar example for all other men out there.

Including me.

I grabbed my bag, went to the gym, and pushed through a massive workout that left me barely walking.

And I'm thankful for that unknown man as the sponsor of my win.

You see, Ivan...

That's the beauty of manhood. We're a very tight community.

When ONE of us does the work to become better, to achieve more, to push through his limitations...

He inspires dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of other men around the world.

It's a ripple effect across reality.

When YOU become better, stronger, faster, richer, more muscular... Your kids look up to you. Your relatives, your friends, the kids of your friends...

Or maybe some stranger sipping coffee at home, catching a glimpse of you running.

Together, by growing into exemplary men, we pass on the art of true manhood—to one another and to future generations.

So go out there.

Do your absolute best, because the world is watching.

And your actions are shaping its future for years to come.



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