Meet The "Magic" Flower That Boosts Men’s Fertility And Well-Being

Research shows that this wonder flower contains libido-stimulating nutrients that help improve men’s sexual performance.†

Massively underused in modern times, Japanese Knotweed is a treasure trove for men who are after real results.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

By Alex Eriksson

Japanese Knotweed is a herb traditionally used in oriental medicine in Japan and China as well as Korea. Often also used as an ornamental plant in gardens in the US and UK, a Japanese Knotweed supplement offers many health benefits.

The most useful part of the plant is the root which is usually used dried in powder form in many Japanese knotweed supplements. This is arguably the best way to obtain what is also often called Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract – the real “power hitter” to be found in Japanese and Chinese Knotweed.

The shoots and leafs are also used in traditional oriental medicine and often used to make therapeutic teas. Japanese Knotweed root is also used in oriental food and has a nutty, earthy flavor.

Whichever way you use it, Japanese Knotweed can be a valuable addition to your health care regimen.

But what's truly exceptional about Japanese Knotweed is its active compound reservatrol's ability to boosts healthy male hormones for epic male performance.


Resveratrol and Male Performance

Studies suggest that active compounds in Japanese Knotweed is proven anti-inflammatory agent... But that's not all.†

Benefits of Japanese Knotweed extract consumption include:

  • Reduced Inflammation (1)

If you scratch your skin hard enough, you will raise a red, swollen line called a welt. This is inflammation in action. Now imagine that same inflammation occurring inside your body. Affecting cells, organs, and systems, inflammation can increase your risk of suffering a host of serious medical conditions.

  • Proven Anti-oxidant (1)

In the same way, that metal rusts when exposed to oxygen, your body suffers damage because of oxygen too. This is commonly called oxidative stress which causes an increased in substances called free radicals.

Impressive, right?

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Now, back to our topic.

Japanese Knotweed contain high levels of resveratrol that provides epic male benefits:

  • Increased Testosterone

Testosterone is the king of hormones for men; it’s what makes men manly! Stress, lack of exercise, being overweight, environmental toxins and a poor diet can all reduce testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels are linked to easy fat gain, difficulty losing weight, loss of muscle, loss of strength, reduced vitality, low sex drive, and difficulty reproducing.

Low testosterone levels are often treated with hormone replacement therapy which addresses the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. Not every man will qualify for such treatment and it can also be expensive and risky. For that reason, it’s often better to look for natural ways to raise your T-levels.

Recently, resveratrol has been revealed to be an effective testosterone booster (2) and one study showed that it increased blood testosterone levels by 51.6% in animals. That’s a huge bump in testosterone!

Increasing testosterone naturally means you’ll feel more energetic, build muscle and lose fat faster, have a better sex drive, and feel more like your old self. Supplementing with Japanese knotweed certainly shows promise for restoring testosterone levels naturally.

  • Reduced Estrogen

Hormones often come in pairs and the opposite hormone to testosterone is estrogen. If testosterone levels rise, estrogen levels normally decrease but the opposite is also true. For that reason, men should do their utmost to keep a lid on estrogen so that testosterone levels are free to rise.

In addition, very high levels of testosterone can cause increased estrogen levels, a phenomenon called aromatization. In short, excess testosterone is converted to estrogen to try and keep everything nicely balanced.

While a little estrogen is to be expected and is normal, too much is never a good thing – it is the primary female sex hormone after all.

Resveratrol has been shown in studies to be an effective aromatase inhibitor and so can help testosterone levels rise naturally.

Can Japanese Knotweed Really Turn Men Into Superhumans?

Becoming more than human may be possible. (With the right booster.)

Resveratrol is commonly linked to increased longevity – even in populations are not necessarily that healthy. (3)

However, it’s good to know that you don’t have to develop a wine habit to get plenty of resveratrol. Chinese and Japanese Knotweed extract is very rich in resveratrol and may actually be a better source as it contains no alcohol which, when consumed in excess, can be unhealthy and may in itself lower testosterone levels.

In a nutshell, Japanese Knotweed is absolutely amazing.

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