Androgen Levels in Men Have Reached an All-Time Low Worldwide

Androgen Levels in Men Have Reached an All-Time Low Worldwide

According to studies, male hormone levels in men of all ages are consistently declining on a global scale and reaching a new all-time low every few years.

The journal European Association of Urology (1) published a breakdown of the average androgen levels over the last two decades:

- 1999-2000: the average T level was 605.39 ng/dL
- 2003-2004: as low as 567.44 ng/dL
- 2015-2016: around 424.96 ng/dL

The 2016 average androgen level is 25.47% lower than in 1999, and that's data from adolescent and young males—which were expected to be at their hormonal peak.

Older men have it even worse due to the confirmed androgen decline that comes with aging. Studies have confirmed that androgen levels in men drop by 1-2% after they hit 40. (2)

To summarize...

A 60-year-old man in 1999 likely had higher androgen levels than many 20-year-old men today. 

We are losing our masculinity.

The most effective natural way to restore it is Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia).

Tongkat Ali

The conventional approach to restpring androgen levels in men is getting a prescription for synthetic androgens, but this has a massive downside. "Spoon-feeding" the body with ready-made hormones results in a shutdown of your own androgen production, putting you on the hook of artificial manhood.

The consequences are massive. Infertility, low libido, depression, weak manhood in all possible senses—and all around the world.

Tongkat Ali is the most effective herbal alternative, with a success rate of over 90.8% without side effects. (3)

How does it work?

In a nutshell, it stimulates the Leydig cells in your testes to make more androgens.

It doesn't "spoon-feed" your body with ready-to-use hormones, thus avoiding the side effects of the conventional synthetic alternative altogether.

Tongkat Ali just gives your own physiology a boost, so that YOU can make more of your OWN hormones.

It's power from within.

And the benefits of having peak androgen levels are massive.

Bigger muscles, stronger erections, more motivation, more EVERYTHING. That's the power of androgens.

That's the power that so many men lack today. They never live their lives to the fullest... Because their physiology, wrecked by modern lifestyle, won't allow them.

But you can turn this around.

You can reclaim your androgens naturally.

We tried and tested dozens of herbs, but Tongkat Ali is the absolute winner.

Who should take Tongkat Ali?

Honestly? Today, with androgen levels taking a nosedive across the whole world, ALL men could use some extra T.

Higher energy, better mood, improved body composition, and stellar bedroom performance are all tied to androgen levels.

But you will get the most from taking Tongkat Ali if you are:

  • 40 years or older
  • Currently overweight or losing muscle
  •  Dealing with some bedroom issues every now and then
  •  Looking for extra energy and motivation
  •  Working on your body composition
  •  Needing a fertility boost


Reach Peak Manhood. Naturally.

Tongkat Ali

In a World Where Masculinity is a Dying Trait, Tongkat Ali is Essential to Thrive.

1) Premium-grade Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) extract packed with eurycomanone, a phytochemical confirmed in multiple studies to increase androgens and inhibit aromatase (an enzyme that transforms male hormones into female hormones)

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3) You get exactly what's written on the pack—Tongkat Ali!—and nothing else. No fillers or synthetic additives.

4) The most effective natural way to boost male hormones, promote muscle gain, and improve sexual performance in men.


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