5 Early Signs Your Tongkat Ali is Already Blasting Your Testosterone Through the Roof

5 Early Signs Your Tongkat Ali is Already Blasting Your Testosterone Through the Roof


Woah, friend!


Our recent blog about the early signs of Black Ginger boosting your blood flow was a huge hit.


Seems like listing a quick roadmap of the first effects helps you stay on track with your supplementation regime—and keep that motivation blazing!


So we decided to create a similar list for another powerful supplement from our line-up...


The best herbal testosterone booster on the planet...


🏆Tongkat Ali🏆


Here's a quick list of 5 early Tongkat Ali effects  that you may notice in the first weeks!

Tongkat Ali

Natural Testosterone Booster

1. Stronger body odor
Ok, let's start with the somewhat inconvenient part. Testosterone has a massive effect on your body odor (BO), and generally the higher your T, the stronger your BO.

Stronger doesn't essentially mean worse, just more noticeable and muskier. If you're a single man living alone, you may not notice this difference, but keep it in mind.


2. Increased aggression and irritability
Androgens are the hormones of competition, rivalry, and battle. On a psychological level, they are the essence of masculine behavior.

That's why when your testosterone levels start going up (along with testosterone's main metabolite, DHT), you may notice you're getting grumpier and more explosive on the first several weeks of taking Tongkat Ali. Channel this drive into crushing your challenges.


3. Higher appetite
Studies confirmed a direct correlation between testosterone and ghrelin, the body's "hunger hormone." The more T you have, the higher your appetite. But why—and what for?

It's simple. Testosterone is your body's main anabolic hormone. It stimulates growth, building of muscle, and strengthening of the bones. You need a truckload of "construction materials" for that, mostly proteins and carbs. Many men on Tongkat Ali notice they start eating more—and building muscle MUCH easier in the process.

Stock up on steaks, friend. They'll taste amazing.


4. Stronger libido
If Black Ginger stimulates sex drive through improved blood flow and stronger erections, Tongkat Ali takes care of the hormonal part. Sex is one of the deepest, most powerful motivators for men. It's in our nature. The testosterone boost from Tongkat Ali helps you tap into that aspect of masculinity on a primal level.


5. Improved motivations in tough situations or after defeat
Studies have reported that men with higher testosterone levels are much more driven. There's a direct correlation between higher testosterone levels and the willingness of a man to rise up to the challenge repeatedly, even after he bites the dust. Men with lower testosterone are more likely to accept defeat and move on.


Natural Benefits for Your Whole Body.

Tongkat Ali

Natural Testosterone Booster

Your first dose of Tongkat Ali sets you on the path of supreme male optimization. You will reclaim and strengthen the hormonal basis of what makes you a MAN: your testosterone.


But if your primary goal is body recomposition (building lean muscle, burning flabby fat), buckle up and be patient. This takes time, discipline, a proper diet, and ideally—regular exercise.


So how do you know your Tongkat Ali is working in the meantime?


Keep an eye on the 5 signs listed here and push on forward. Peak results on Tongkat Ali appear over the course of 3-4 months of consistent usage. Natural remedies take time to work, but that's definitely a better way that stuffing yourself with synthetic hormones.


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