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Also known as Red Kwao Krua, Butea Superba is a shrub native to Thailand. Its root has been a staple component of Thai traditional medicine for as long as any local healer can remember, helping men reclaim and increase their virility.

Long story short, it boosts dihydrotestosterone*.

What's amazing is that the health benefits of this plant are backed both by science and by centuries of Eastern tradition.

Clearly, it's called Superba for a good reason, as we will prove to you further down on this page.

Specifications 30 days bag (60g)


12 x 20 cm

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60g / 30 servings per bag


Powder: 1g twice daily (single gram spoon included)

Capsules: 5 capsules daily


100% premium Butea Superba root powder

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Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, Vegan

Does Not Contain

GMO's, Fillers, Preservatives, Added Sugar, Artificial Flavorings or Colorings




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    Butea Superba Research Papers Collection




Dihydro (DHT)


A Natural Alternative to TRT*



A man’s testosterone levels peak during his twenties, and then slowly decline more and more during the years. By the age of 80, most men have only about 20 to 50% of their peak testosterone levels left. Ouch.

But why is testosterone important in the first place? Well, testosterone is the hormone that ensures male fertility, muscle synthesis, physical performance, and virility in general.

Basically, everything that's traditionally associated with being a man strongly depends on having healthy testosterone levels.

Butea Superba increases DHT, a metabolite of testosterone responsible for much of its effects on confidence, libido and erectile function*.

Butea Superba increases DHT, a metabolite of testosterone which is responsible for much of its mental effects. For instance, it boosts your libido*, enhances erectile function*, and may give you that confident alpha male feeling*.

Also, there's some scientific evidence pointing out that DHT may help in promoting facial hair growth*, so that's just one more reason to love this powerful hormone.

Butea Superba is also an cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor. According to some studies, this inhibition may help in enhancing testosterone production* in men in the same way as Forskolin (another popular cAMP inhibitor).

Traditional usage in Thailand also suggests that Butea Superba is potent in increasing free testosterone levels*.


Increased Confidence*

Raging Libido*

Crushes Estrogen &



There is evidence of Butea Superba having anti-estrogenic properties. This feature basically makes it the perfect supplement for restoring male hormonal balance*, since it will be inhibiting female hormones* and boosting androgens* at the same time.

There are also animal studies pointing out that Butea Superba can significantly increase sperm count* (by up to 16%) and sperm motility*, making it a great natural way to help in improving and maintaining one's fertility*.

This effect works especially well together with the plant's ability to boost free testosterone and DHT*, which are crucial hormonal factors for this matter.

anti-aging for men

Promotes Hair Growth*

Potent Antioxidant*

Butea Superba contains some of the powerful antioxidants found in Blueberries and Chocolate (Procyanidins & Epicatechin)

As you may have guessed, the health benefits of Butea Superba don't end on male sexuality and hormonal health*. This little beauty has so much more to it.

Animal studies indicate that Butea Superba can improve cognitive and emotional function* and treat depression resulting from chronic stress*. Although the magnitude of this effect is still to be researched in humans, the preliminary data is extremely promising.

Moving on. The main antioxidants in Butea Superba are procyanidin B2, (-)-epicatechin, and procyanidin B5. These three substances have some unique health benefits of their own:

And, of course, there's the universal effect of all antioxidants: reducing free radical formation and cellular oxidative damage. Essentially, this is like battling the effects of aging on a molecular level*.

Earth-Grown Nutrients




Our Butea Superba is sourced directly from farmers in Northern Thailand and is of a new premium strain variant.

This means that it contains many times more active ingredients than the majority of other Butea Superba products on the market, and it's a lot stronger.

We process and lab test (see results at top of this page) the root powder ourselves to make sure we have a clean, safe and effective end product for you as the consumer.

Recommended dosage: 1 gram twice a day (gram spoon included) OR 5 capsu. Our product is formulated to last 30 days per bag taking this dosage.

This is the upper end of recommended dosage ranges to make sure you get maximum effects from the product.

Traditionally in Thailand, it is recommended to combine Butea Superba with Black Ginger (another natural Thai aphrodisiac herb) as they are synergistic and make an excellent combo for men's health.

There is no evidence on the existence of Butea Superba side effects and centuries of traditional use in Thailand clearly show the plant to be safe for daily use in our recommended amounts.

Toxicology research done on rats fed them dosages 200 times higher than the amounts recommended by the Thai FDA, further proving Butea Superba to be a very safe plant.

This is great since the most widely adopted conventional way to improve testosterone levels today is by means of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which comes with a lot of potential side effects including impotence and hair loss*. Butea Superba doesn't cause those nasty things.

Keep in mind that Butea Superba has to be consumed daily for 2-3 months for the best effects to build up. Although many people will notice effects within the first 30 days.

As you see, for those men in search of some extra edge in the bedroom, gym, or life in general, this astounding plant may be just the right thing.

After all, it's called Superba for a good reason, so go try it for yourself. If for any reason you are not happy with the product, we offer full refunds. Check out our refund policy at the bottom of this page.