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From overworked guys in their 20s who killed their hormonal health with sleepless nights hustling and stress levels through the roof...

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Our vision is that ALL of that can be achieved without synthetic hormones and overpriced pills. You can get this naturally.

Here's how.

Our main focus is male hormones (androgens).


Androgens are the foundation of men's health.

No matter how hard you train, how well you eat, how much you sleep...

If your hormones are wrecked, your whole health WILL be wrecked*.

You won't perform at your best.

You won't reach your true potential.

Our mission is to turn that around and help you reclaim control over your hormones.

Because the problem is that...

86% of men don't understand how their hormones work.

They think hormones are super straightforward, e.g. "androgens gives you muscle" sort of like "water makes you wet."

That's just sad.

Men who don't understand their hormones end up being controlled by them.

But men who discover the true meaning of their hormones...

These men learn to dominate their nature.

They reclaim control over their physiology instead of letting their physiology control THEM.


Here's THE ONLY thing you need to understand about your hormones to grasp just how important they are...

Your Hormones Are Orders For Your Body

Every hormone is a set of orders aligned with one specific goal.

Here's a quick example.

Adrenaline (epinephrine).

This is one of the body's most potent "fight or flight" hormones. Everything it does is aligned with that order.

Your heart rate goes up to bring more blood to your muscles.

Your airways open up to give you plenty of air.

Your pupils dilate so you can better see your enemies, your allies, your escape route.

So, instead of commanding all those structures one by one (muscles, airways, pupils, etc.), your body gives you a single adrenaline shot and lets it work its magic.

By the same logic, what are the orders of your male hormones?

The Order of Androgens: "Look Like A Man"  

Androgen is one of the body's main constructive hormones, meaning it BUILDS things. That's why bodybuilders resort to its synthetic analogs to gain massive lean muscle mass as fast as possible.

Of course, this comes at a heavy price in terms of side effects.

The good news is that you can improve your androgen levels naturally through lifestyle changes and herbal supplementation*.

The primary order of your androgens is to make you look like a man.

It helps build muscle
Promotes a lean body composition
Increases bone strength
During puberty, it boosts the growth of the Adam's apple, the perky cartilage in your neck
Promotes the growth of body and facial hair

Basically, just imagine a REAL MAN, and all of his physical features are mostly the result of androgens.

The best and most reliable natural way of boosting your androgen levels is taking Tongkat Ali, a male tonic shrub infamous in Thailand and Malaysia.

Tongkat Ali

Fantastic results very fast. More energy with so far zero side effects!

- Anonymous Customer, Germany

Unreal, I put on serious size... Made great gains on this product, won't lift weights without it!!

- Jason S., Australia

I could see that even at my age of 52 I quickly gained muscle after a few gym sessions. Totally happy with this.

- Rudy J., Australia

Dozens of studies support that this herb is the ultimate natural androgen booster. Specifically, up to 90.8% of men reach optimal androgen levels on Tongkat Ali*, with side effects being exceedingly rare—and never more serious than an upset stomach.

But that's just the first component of the journey to peak male health. After all, a man is so much more than just looks...

His attitude is even more important. A true man is all about how he acts.

And most men have no idea that androgens has little to do with that. Attitude, dominance, aggression, competitiveness...

That's the domain of another major component, created from androgens by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme.

Gentlemen, a minute of appreciation for DHT.

The Order of DHT: "Act Like a Man"

Although DHT triggers the healthy development of male gender in the fetus, it plays a relatively minor role in defining the LOOK of fully formed adult males.

DHT is not about looks.

The order of DHT is to make you act like a man. But how exactly?

DHT is 3-5 times stronger than other androgens everywhere besides your muscles. Additionally, DHT counteracts estrogens (female hormones). Its fundamental goal is to "fine-tune" your whole body to behave in a less feminine and more masculine way. The result?

Social dominance and growth in the social hierarchy
✅ Aggressiveness and competitiveness
✅ Strong motivation and will to live

That's all DHT.

Studies reported that in most cases, the monkeys at the top of their groups routinely had higher DHT levels*. So, even though they weren't always the most muscular in the pack, they were the alphas and got more females, more food, and more respect from the other monkeys.

The best way to naturally boost your DHT is taking Butea Superba, known in Thailand as Kwao Krua Dang (Red Kwao Krua).

Butea Superba

Absolutely a great product. I noticed an increase in energy, vitality and stamina within a week of use. I would recommend this to all those who want to experience an overall amazing change in their health for the better in a short period of time.

- Deepak G., India

This is a very potent product. It enhances all the male qualities! It put me in overdrive. I've noticed a good jump in blood flow..

- Anonymous Customer, USA

This product is amazing. I now get a better nights sleep, make better decisions, have the confidence as a man, have a more “take charge" mindset. People around me see me acting as an alpha male and I do things without fear or hesitation. I love Butea Superba. When you start stacking this with Pine Pollen, Black Ginger and Tongkat; you are an unstoppable force. Excellent quality products..

- Ned J., USA

The Order of Estrogens: "Look and Act Like a Woman"

Now that you know the primary orders of androgens and DHT, the primary male hormones...

Can you guess the order of estrogens, the main female hormones?

Estrogens order you to look and act like a woman.

Think about it, then check the symptoms of high estrogen in men:

❗️Gynecomastia ("man-boobs")
❗️Irrational mood swings
❗️"Intimacy" dysfunction... (you don't need that male machinery if you're a woman, right?)
❗️Changes in body composition (women are hormonally more predisposed to a certain body shape)

And here's the worst part.

In modern times, it's relatively easy for a man to wreck his hormones, lose his androgens, and suffer from high estrogen.

All it takes is stress, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating habits, and the resulting body composition changes from all of that.

Fat contains high levels of aromatase, an enzyme that transforms androgens into estrogen.

It's all downhill from there. More estrogen creates more fat, which turns even more of those precious androgens into estrogen, which accumulates even more fat...

That's why so many men lack manhood in their looks and action.

To turn this around, restoring hormonal balance is essential. We help men of all ages and from all backgrounds do this naturally, using science-backed herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali and Butea Superba.

Look Like A Man, Act Like A Man

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I wake strong, feeling more balanced and sure of the man I am. I have noticeably more energy and concentration at work.

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Master your hormones.

Make them work for you.

Depending on your current goals, you might want to focus more on your body (by boosting androgens with Tongkat Ali) or your attitude (by boosting DHT and fighting off estrogen with Butea Superba).

And if you combine them...

The results will likely be several times more powerful, as these two plants make an EPIC combo.

Check out our bundle offer with a 10 to 25% discount if that sounds like something you want.

And one last thing.

It's an honor to have you with us on this journey to peak manhood.

If you ever have ANY questions, suggestions, doubts, or anything else—we're here for you. Drop us an email at support@anabolichealth.com or send us a text at (646) 349-6033 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We're looking forward to YOUR victories.